Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM)

Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) is a significant portion of the medical costs associated with most occupational injury claims. By working with you, we can help reduce your costs as well as facilitate ease of use for the claims professional and the injured worker.

As with all of our cost containment tools, our goal is to understand both your claims and your operational procedures in order to better meet your ancillary network needs. Century Pacific Medical offers you fully customizable PBM designed to fit your organizational goals.

Reduced Medication Costs

  • Pricing at or below fee schedule pricing

  • Extensive retail pharmacy network with fully integrated mail order delivery system

Utilization Controls

  • Formulary management designed to give you prior authorization and review controls based on your workflow needs

  • Limit prescriptions to approved physicians and medications strictly for the industrial injury

  • Maximize use of Generics when available

  • Step Therapy options to offer you lowest cost efficacy

Reduced Administrative Costs

  • Time savings for the Claims Handler

  • Convenience for the injured worker

  • Significant reduction in third party bills

  • Eliminate unnecessary "friction points" with the injured worker