For over 20 years Century Pacific Medical, Inc. has been the premier software choice of Nurse Case Managers and Claims Examiners for nationwide same-day scheduling of durable medical equipment. We have consistently exceeded our clients' expectations by providing numerous provider options for our customers.

When it comes to DME, it seems the most frequently provided equipment is often not listed on any fee schedule and identifying those items while creating a standard value can be challenging. This is where Century Pacific Medical, Inc. is unique and can create order where chaos is the standard. After decades of collection and analyzing data we can formulate values for some of the most rare and distinct equipment provided. Our Versa Modifiers© can be downloaded into your medical bill review system and you will recognize formerly elusive savings.

Durable Medical Equipment

Ambulatory Aids

Bathroom Aids

Daily Living Aids

Hearing Aids

Exercise Equipment

Wound Care and Disposable Supplies

Orthopedic Mattresses

Hospital Beds

Post-Op Home Medical Equipment

Electromedical Equipment

TENS Units and Supplies

Bone Stints

Daily Living Aids

Orthotics and Prosthetics

Custom and Prefabricated Bracing

Artificial Limbs

Our provider network contracts are consistently below fee schedule. Our loyal customer base understands there isn't a need to spend hours searching for a local provider to find the most cost effective items for a claimant. Our custom cost containment software matches the ancillary provider with the NCM or Examiner’s needs.

Do as hundreds of your peers in the industry have done and leave the coordinating of medical equipment and supplies to Century Pacific Medical, Inc.